Hey you guys…


Remember that time I wrote a blog about trying to go vegan/vegetarian? And I called it Grass Dirt Corn, because to me, all vegetables tasted like either grass, dirt, or corn? Well, here we go again! It’s several years later. Vegetables still taste the same, with a few noted improvements. This time Greg is trying to go plant-based with me. He’s not going vegan, as that refers to a lifestyle that lets go of all animal products. Neither of us are ready for that yet. For now, he’s trying to go plant-based, to lower his blood pressure. I’m helping him, and trying to follow along with him, and I’m going to write about it, because veggie-haters trying to go healthy could use some tips. Maybe after awhile, I’ll have some!¬†Useful things, like, “If you cover beets¬†in this sauce, they don’t taste like dirt anymore.”

How’s it going so far? Greg has spent a few days eating a ton of vegetables, feels great, and is down a couple of pounds. “You should try this!” he tells me, cheerfully. I’m predictably struggling with getting away from my grains. I’m happy without meat, but if you don’t eat a lot of vegetables anyway, and you take away meat, it comes down to grains and beans. I eat a fair amount of beans, but lean too heavily on grains. I feel alright, but not the best. If I don’t start mainlining the veggies soon, I’ll suffer.